Late in the afternoon of June 5, 2012, the planet Venus will cross (or “Transit”) the sun. This won’t happen again for 100 years!!

You can watch Venus cross the sun with the same safe glasses used for watching the May 20, 2012 eclipse of the sun.

Venus will appear very small. Even though Venus is the size of the earth the sun is 100x bigger! It should look something like this:

If you want to safely look at a larger image of the sun,use binoculars to project (NOT look at!) the sun. Practice in ADVANCE of eclipse day!

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific also offers some great resources for viewing the transit.

More information about the Transit of Venus:

What time can I see it?

NASA’s “Sun Earth Day” page

More interesting facts

Posted by: Soderman/NLSI Staff
Source: NLSI team

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The lunar day (or the time from sunrise to sunrise) on the moon is approximately 708 hours.

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