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NLSI Director’s Seminar: Jasper Halekas, Space Sciences Lab at U.C. Berkeley
March 27, 2012 8:00 am PDT
March 27, 2012 9:00 am PDT
NLSI Director’s Seminar: Jasper Halekas, Space Sciences Lab at U.C. Berkeley
March 23, 2012

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Date/Time: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 9:00AM PST, 16:00 UTC
 Jasper Halekas, Space Sciences Lab at U.C. Berkeley

“Using ARTEMIS observations to connect the space plasma environment to the surface and exosphere”.

Jasper Halekas is a research scientist at the Space Sciences Laboratory at U.C. Berkeley.  Jasper did his thesis work at U.C. Berkeley, using Lunar Prospector electron data to map lunar crustal magnetic fields, and has worked in lunar science ever since.  He is currently a member of the DREAM Lunar Science Institute team, the acting deputy PI of ARTEMIS, instrument lead for the Solar Wind Ion Analyzer on the MAVEN mission, and a team member on the Solar Wind Electrons, Alphas, and Protons investigation on the Solar Probe Plus mission.”

SSERVI Science Teams

  • NLSI’s CCLDAS Team Building Dust Accelerator


    CCLDAS supports experimental facilities for carrying out small-scale, dusty plasma experiments.

    The moon’s fine dust, the result of millions of years of meteoritic bombardment, is highly electrostatically charged because of its exposure to the solar wind, UV radiation, and magnetospheric plasmas. Charged lunar dust moves in all directions, is lofted many kilometers above the lunar surface and sticks to anything it comes in contact with, creating challenges for instrument programs and human exploration of the moon.

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Did you know?

The moon is actually moving away from earth at a rate of 1.5 inches per year.

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