Good afternoon!  I have noted with great interest the recently published results of last year’s LCROSS mission.  Were there any results applicable to the amount of Helium-3 within the ejecta plume, or the presence of correlated “markers” such as Titanium or ilenite?  Besides the longstanding research on Deuterium-Helium-3 fusion at the University of WI, Madison; there has been increased recent international interest with the beginning of the lunar Helium-3.  What is the consensus at your institute about the viability of using lunar Helium-3 as a power source for future fusion reactors here on earth?  The Prospect sounds ridiculously expensive on the face of it, but given the continued delays and cost overruns of the ITER in Frace, I wonder if this idea merits a closer look.  Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to hearing your take on this!  Best regards, Ron Easley.

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Moonquakes have been measured by seismometers emplaced by the Apollo astronauts.

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