Given that the moon has a gravity 1/6th of earth, would it be possible to enhance or augment this so as to provide close to 1g earth standard for any proposed lunar base? if so how could this be achieved? Alternatively, how could you generate a near enough 1g environment to avoid the detrimental effects of low lunar gravity?

The short answer is “not really.” There is not currently any known method of generating gravitons (the theoretical particle that governs gravity). However, there are other ways of simulating higher gravity: e.g. rubber bands (pulling you down towards the ground), vacuum chambers (where the vacuum sucks you down simulating higher gravity), and centrifuges (large rotating room using centripetal force to simulate gravity). All of these methods have been proposed as ways to train astronauts in deep space for exercise and to acclimate their bodies to the gravity environment on Mars/Moon/etc. Personally, I’m awaiting the discovery of gravitons and anti-gravitons which would mean flying cars and cheap, easy lifting of mass into space!

Brad Bailey
NLSI Staff Scientist

October 1, 2009

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Did you know?

Five nations have placed scientific spacecraft in orbit around the Moon: U.S., U.S.S.R (now Russia), Japan, China, and India.

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