After having gone through most of the questions that have been already asked, I have one which still bothers me.  I read somewhere (not here) that the moon is older than the earth.  It was not carved out of the earth due to impact by heavy foreign body.  Is this true?  There are rocks on moon that are older than those found anywhere on earth.  Or is it possible that the moon cooled much earlier than earth did?  Secondly, are there any elements on the moon that can be used back on earth? I mean is it possible to do moon mining to fulfill earth’s increasing demand?  Another study I have is if we do find life on other planets, would we bring it back to earth or just study it there?  I am not making any fun or being hysterical, but it’s a pure scientific question.  I hope it gets treated as one.  What are the chances of an alien life form surviving on earth?

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Did you know?

The lunar day (or the time from sunrise to sunrise) on the moon is approximately 708 hours.

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