I am debating with my friend on whether man has walked on the Moon.  She says that only one man has walked on the Moon, but I believe this to be incorrect, do you have a list of people that have walked on the surface of the Moon?

The 12 Apollo astronauts who walked on the Moon were Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Alan Bean, Gene Cernan, Pete Conrad, Moss Duke, James Irwin, Stuart Roosa, Jack Schmidt, Dave Scott, Al Shepard, and Jim Young..  These  are names that should be at least vaguely familiar to every American, since they were among the heroes of the twentieth century.  If you or your friend want to learn more about the Apollo exploration of the Moon, there are many good books and films, including a new 3-D IMAX film.  For more details I recommend the book, “A Man on the Moon” by Andrew Chaikin, and the HBO Tom Hanks mini-series “From the Earth to the Moon,” both of which should be in your school or public library.

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April 6, 2006

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Did you know?

The lunar surface is both hotter (in daytime) and colder (at night) than any place on Earth.

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