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We’d like to invite you to submit abstracts to the session P016 – Little bodies at big facilities – synchrotron and neutron scattering of icy planetary materials being held at this year’s AGU fall meeting in San Francisco.

‘The recent wealth of data from space and telescope observations from icy moons and dwarf planets has revealed a number of features and materials that need to be further understood. These materials (for example hydrates, small hydrocarbons and frozen methane/nitrogen) are difficult to study within traditional lab facilities and require complex sample environments that can only be used in conjunction with synchrotron and neutron scattering experiments. These methods are unsurpassed in their ability to characterise new materials and to understand them under extreme conditions. This session seeks to provide a showcase for experiments that are re-creating the surfaces and interiors of small bodies at these large-scale facilities and to foster the application of the results to the planetary science community at large.’

More details of the session, part of the Planetary Science program of the meeting, can be found at

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