The Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), formerly the NASA Lunar Science Institute, will be holding the annual Lunar Science Forum July 16-18, 8:30 – 3:00 PDT. This year the Forum will be all virtual, with its scientific sessions, poster sessions, student lightning round talks and other featured sessions done entirely over the Internet.

SSERVI welcomes interested scientists and others from Ames to attend this virtual meeting. Attending is a very simple process. First, we ask attendees to register ahead of time via the Lunar Science Forum website; simply click on the “Forum Registration” tab and follow the instructions.

Second, when you are ready to attend, click “Program Agenda” or the “Agenda” tab at the website above, and then click on the session you want to attend. A new browser window will then open up where you can view the Forum sessions in Adobe Connect, including watching the presenter and seeing their slides, as well as being able to participate in ongoing chats. If the number of attendees exceeds the maximum available in Adobe Connect, you will be given an alternate website where you can view the Forum via YouTube live streaming.

Recognizing that a major part of scientific meetings is the in-person discussions that new scientific results stimulate, SSERVI has enabled the creation of local “hubs” where people can go to watch the Forum together. A hub has been created in NASA Ames building 245 room 215; additionally, a hub has been created at the SETI Institute locally here in the Bay Area. SSERVI highly encourages attending the Forum via one of these hubs, or by creating a new one. It’s simple to create a new hub – go to the Lunar Science Forum website above and click on the “Virtual Hubs” tab, which will show you the latest list of hubs and allow you to create your own.

Please note that the SSERVI Central offices in building 17 at NASA Ames will be the “nerve center” for the Forum operations and will thus not be open to non-SSERVI staff.

We look forward to another exciting meeting focusing on science of, on and from the Moon!

Posted by: Soderman/NLSI Staff
Source: NASA

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