Apollo 17: Diary of the Twelfth Man, commemorates the 45th Anniversary of the December 7, 1972 launch of the Apollo 17 Mission. Astronaut Harrison “Jack” Schmitt has undertaken a long-running project to write a personal account of the Apollo 17 Mission on which he flew to the Moon as the Lunar Module Pilot and scientist. This diary also attempts to integrate much of the mission’s scientific results to date with the operations that were necessary to explore the valley of Taurus-Littrow.

The currently posted Chapter 4, “30 Days and Counting,” comprises events during the 30 days prior to mission launch and will give you a snap shot of how they prepared for the mission. Additional sections will appear periodically over the next several months until completed. The lunar orbit and EVA chapters are well along and include integration of 45 years of published Taurus-Littrow science with the field activities. These chapters will be completed as soon as possible and their inclusion in the diary will be announced at that time.

A wide variety of sources have contributed to the preparation of this diary, including transcripts; checklists; stowage records; training schedules; USGS and NASA records of field simulations; books published by other Apollo participants and historians; a vast array of scientific publications; and, of course, the author’s memory and personal field geological perspectives. Dr. Ronald Wells, the late William Mellberg, and Teresa Fitzgibbon have been instrumental in the editing and publication of Apollo 17: Diary of the 12th Man.

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Water ice and other frozen volatiles are to be found in many shadowed craters near the lunar poles.

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