Dr. Erik Hauri was a member of the SSERVI SEEED team (PI Carle Pieters) for many years, and worked closely with Alberto Saal to improve the volatile element detection limits of the ion microprobe which led to the ability to detect water in what were previously believed to be “bone dry” volcanic rocks from the Moon. This discovery drove new wide ranging investigations of the process of Moon formation and the consequences of water for the geochemical evolution of our neighbor in space.

“Erik was one of the world’s leading terrestrial isotope geochemists and developed the Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) methods to detect really low levels of hydrogen in silicates. I became familiar with his work with Alberto Saal on the detection of higher degrees of water in lunar soils (from Apollo samples) than had previously been known. Together with other colleagues, Erik and Alberto revolutionized the view we now have for the origin of lunar water. Erik will be deeply missed and I am saddened not only for the personal loss so many are feeling, but the loss to science from all he had left to do,” said SSERVI Director Yvonne Pendleton.

Click here to read the full announcement of his passing posted on the DTM website.

Posted by: Soderman/SSERVI Staff
Source: SSERVI Teams/ Lunar-L

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