At the awards ceremony of the 79th Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society in Berlin, Germany, SSERVI researchers Carle Pieters and Bill Bottke were named new Fellows of the Society. Congrats to Carle and Bill!

Only members who have distinguished themselves in meteoritics or in closely allied fields may be elected Fellows by the Council. No more than 1% of the members can be elected in even-numbered years.

About the Society

The Meteoritical Society is a non-profit scholarly organization founded in 1933 to promote research and education in planetary science with emphasis on studies of meteorites and other extraterrestrial materials, including samples from space missions, that further our understanding of the origin and history of the solar system.

The membership of the society boasts over 1000 scientists and amateur enthusiasts from over 40 countries who are interested in a wide range of planetary science. Members’ interests include meteorites, cosmic dust, asteroids and comets, natural satellites, planets, impacts, and the origins of the Solar System.

The Meteoritical Society is the organization that records all known meteorites in its Meteoritical Bulletin. The Society also publishes one of the world’s leading planetary science journals, Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

The Society organizes annual meetings and workshops. It also helps encourage and support young planetary scientists world-wide.

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