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This year SSERVI will celebrate InOMN virtually. Watch our live stream of Saturday’s event here:

Click here to watch InOMN 2014 from SSERVI

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About InOMN
International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) is an annual event that is dedicated to encouraging people to ‘look up’ and take notice of our nearest neighbor, the Moon. From looking at the Moon with a naked eye to using the most sensitive telescope, every year on the same day, people from around the world hold events and activities that celebrate our Moon.


NASA Ames Research Center, InOMN Virtual Event Program

  • Yvonne Pendleton, SSERVI Director, NASA Ames Research Center (Welcome and SSERVI Overview)
  • Jennifer Heldmann, NASA Ames Research Center (Overview of the Moon)
  • Diane Wooden, NASA Ames Research Center (Blowing in the Wind: The Interaction between Space Weather and the Moon)
  • Ross Beyer, NASA Ames Research Center / SETI Institute (Lunar Mapping Overview and Use in Mission Planning & Surface Operations)
  • Greg Delory,UC Berkeley (Overview and Science Results from the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer Mission)
  • Brian Day, NASA Ames Research Center (Guided Tour of Lunar Landforms)


Check out for more information. There you can explore an interactive map to see the location of InOMN 2014 events– or register your own event! We encourage everyone to join us in the celebration!

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The distance to the Moon is measured to a precision of a few centimeters by bouncing laser beams off reflectors placed there by the Apollo astronauts.

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