Spacecraft have imaged the surface of the Moon now for over four decades, providing insights into the history, atmosphere, and geology of our nearest neighbor in space. The Apollo missions were only the beginning… recent scientific discovery has resulted in a resurgence of lunar science. More and more we are realizing that there is a whole new unexplored world right in Earth’s backyard, and we have literally only begun to scratch the surface!

Our Lunar Gallery showcases selected lunar images and brand new data taken from orbit by visiting spacecraft. While the science behind the images is remarkable, these images were chosen for their aesthetic rather than scientific value because we believe that moments of awe can change perceptions. When art works as a tool for science, it can inspire curiosity and understanding such that the Moon becomes just as new as once it was.

By sharing the excitement of lunar science and exploration, the NASA Lunar Science Institute is helping people gain a better understanding of the Moon and maintain curiosity about the latest discoveries in lunar science.

After all, it’s not just any moon, it’s our Moon.

Download a pdf copy of the Lunar Gallery today!

Or download a pdf copy of the Lunar Gallery in Spanish.

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The lunar "dust" is made mostly of tiny jagged fragments of volcanic glass.

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