The Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) has re-released several iconic images taken during the Lunar Orbiter program in the 1960’s.

Using modern computer technology, LOIRP has been able to produce digital images that greatly exceed the resolution of the original images. The performance of modern hardware and software image processing methods has been significantly enhanced to remove some of the banding artifacts that were derived from imperfections in the spacecraft’s original image scanning hardware.

Here are images of Tsiolkovskiy Crater, perhaps the most famous large impact crater located on the lunar far side. These newly retrieved high resolution images were taken by Lunar Orbiter 3 on February 19 th, 1967 as it approached the lunar far side.

Lunar Orbiter 3 Image 3121_M – Tsiolkovskiy Crater. Credit: NASA/LOIRP

Lunar Orbiter 3 Image 3121_H1 – Tsiolkovskiy Crater. Credit: NASA/LOIRP

Lunar Orbiter 3 Image 3121_H2 – Tsiolkovskiy Crater. Credit: NASA/LOIRP

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Posted by: Soderman/NLSI Staff

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