NASA’s Planetary Science Division (PSD) hosted a community workshop entitled Planetary Science Vision 2050 at NASA headquarters in Washington DC on February 27–28 and March 1, 2017. The workshop was streamed live to the web and we had a mechanism to allow questions from remote attendees, allowing maximum community engagement. This meeting was the first step in the formulation of a report to Jim Green on a science vision for the coming decades and the technologies needed to achieve that vision.

We have collected all the materials from that meeting and are posting them on a new website:

At that site you can find:

· A link to the video of all the oral sessions and panel discussions
· The agenda for the meeting and all abstracts (oral, poster, and print only)
· E-posters from the meeting
· The theme posters that were filled in by participants at the meeting
· The synopsis presentations for the workshop themes
· A list of meeting participants

Soon, additional items will be on that site, including:

· The answers to the questions posed by external participants (including those answered during the workshop)
· The slides from the various oral presentations at the meeting
· Report outline and structure
· Other materials as we prepare the report

We encourage you to visit the site often to get the latest updates. Comments and critiques can be sent to Steve Mackwell at or through Twitter using the hashtag #V2050.

Posted by: Soderman/SSERVI Staff
Source: NASA

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