Lisette Sutherland of Collaboration Superpowers recently interviewed SSERVI staff about ‘virtual’ remote work, what’s working well, and what challenges we face. For those interested in the tech behind our work, the podcast highlights some of the technical aspects of our virtual institute: Episode 3 – Collaboration in Space Exploration (NASA / SSERVI)

Then SSERVI’s Brian Day takes us on an audio tour of the Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal – a program that allows anyone to take a virtual tour of the moon. Stay tuned– we will be producing a guided video tour of LMMP soon!

Below is a quick video demonstration of LMMP’s touch table interface from our collaborators at JPL at this year’s Exploration Science Forum:

Download the video here

This tool is being used by NASA Mission planners and is still in development; we anticipate the touch-screen to be updated with a gesture-based user interface– how cool is that?

Posted by: Soderman/SSERVI Staff
Source: SSERVI/ Collaboration Superpowers

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