As SSERVI’s first European partner, the UK-Node is comprised of 15 institutions and is based out of the Open University. In this video Principal Investigator Dr Mahesh Anand describes the search for water in the Moon and what that means for future missions. Dr Anand addresses the key question of “is there water on other planets?” He shows some Moon rocks that his researchers have been using over the years, throws some light on the source of water found in them, and goes on to question if the Moon could be a source of water for the Earth.

SSERVI Deputy Director Greg Schmidt makes an appearance in the video as he discusses using In-Situ resources on the Moon. “I think this is an incredibly exciting possibility. It means we won’t have to carry very heavy and very expensive water, we can live off the land. So it makes things possible that just weren’t possible before,” Schmidt said.

For more information about The Open University, visit SSERVI’s International Partnership webpage or The Open University website

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Source: The Open University

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The largest impact feature on the Moon is not one of the prominent "seas" that face the Earth, but the huge SPA Basin on the farside.

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