NASA’s citizen science projects are collaborations between scientists and interested members of the public. Through these collaborations, volunteers (known as citizen scientists) have helped make thousands of important scientific discoveries.

For years, solar system and exploration have brought excitement and inspiration to people of all ages. This is especially true now, with new opportunities for students and citizen scientists to directly participate in expanding our knowledge of the solar system. Amateur astronomers and students with wide ranges of equipment and expertise are making valuable contributions to our growing understanding of our nearest celestial neighbor. SSERVI is an active participant in NASA’s Citizen Science Forum, run under NASA’s Office of the Chief Scientist. Learn how you can become part of the adventure!

Desert Fireball Network


SSERVI Central has been working to expand awareness and use of the Desert Fireball Network and “Fireballs in the Sky” app from our Australian partnership. We presented and demonstrated the app in a meeting of NASA’s Citizen Science Forum, and were able to get the app featured in the Citizen Scientists section of the website.

NASA Science Mission Directorate Citizen Science Programs


This one-stop-shop website is where you’ll find opportunities to participate in challenges, prize competitions, and citizen science activities that develop solutions for problems related to NASA’s mission.

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SSERVI Team Science

Did you know?

The lunar "dust" is made mostly of tiny jagged fragments of volcanic glass.

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