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CLASS/FSI Seminar Series: Fall 2019 featuring Allison Lowndes, NVIDIA

September 11, 2019 @ 8:30 am PDT - 9:30 am PDT

SSERVI Director’s Seminar: Allison Lowndes, NVIDIA




TITLE: Fueling the Artificial Intelligence Revolution with Gaming

PRESENTER: Allison Lowndes, NVIDIA



Artificial Intelligence is impacting all areas of society. AI won’t be an industry, it will be part of every industry & NVIDIA invests both in internal research and platform development to enable its diverse customer base, across gaming, VR, AI, robotics, graphics, rendering, visualisation, HPC, healthcare & more. This talk will introduce the hardware and software & state-of-the-art developments across academia, enterprise and startups, demoing, for example, the combination of robotics with VR and AI in an end-to-end simulator to train intelligent machines.

About Allison:

Artificial Intelligence DevRel | EMEA @AlisonBLowndes
Joining in 2015, Alison spent her first 18 months with NVIDIA as a Deep Learning Solutions Architect and is now responsible for NVIDIA’s Artificial Intelligence Developer Relations across the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). She is a mature graduate in Artificial Intelligence combining technical and theoretical computer science with a physics background & over 25 years of experience in international project management, entrepreneurial activities and the internet. She consults on a wide range of AI applications, including planetary defence with NASA, ESA & the SETI Institute and works closely with the community of AI & Machine Learning researchers around the world, remaining knowledgeable in state of the art across all areas.


September 11, 2019
8:30 am PDT - 9:30 am PDT
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