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Jennifer Heldmann: Recent Science Results from the LCROSS Mission

June 15, 2010 @ 9:00 am PDT

Dr. Jennifer Heldmann will be the eighth speaker in NLSI’s Director’s Seminar Series. She will be speaking on the latest science results from the LCROSS mission.

Thank you to all who joined the eighth NLSI Director’s Seminar. Watch a recording of this seminar by watching it online.

The eighth speaker for this seminar series will be Dr. Jennifer Heldmann, a member of the LCROSS Mission Science Team.

Recent Science Results from the LCROSS Mission


This talk will focus on the recent science results from the LCROSS lunar impactor mission. Analysis of spacecraft data from the 9 instruments onboard the shepherding spacecraft continue to yield insights into the nature of the permanently shadowed region of Cabeus near the lunar south pole. Dr. Heldmann will discuss the current understanding of the plume dynamics and evolution as well as the presence of volatile species.


Jennifer Heldmann is a Research Scientist in the Division of Space Sciences and Astrobiology at NASA Ames Research Center located at Moffett Field, California. Heldmann received a B.S. in Astrogeophysics from Colgate University, a Master’s in Space Studies with a minor in Geology from the University of North Dakota, and a Ph.D. in Planetary Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She recently completed a one year detail assignment to the Science Mission Directoate, Planetary Sciences Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. (2008-2009). At NASA Headquarters, Heldmann served as Program Executive for the NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) and Program Officer for the Moon Mars Analog Mission Activities (MMAMA) research and analysis program. She also served as the Science Mission Directorate Co-Chair of the OSEWG (Optimizing Science and Exploration Working Group). Heldmann’s scientific research interests focus on studies of the Moon and Mars. Her Mars research focuses on studies of recent water on the Red Planet through spacecraft data analysis, numerical modeling, and fieldwork in Mars-analog environments. Heldmann also studies the Moon. She recently served on the Science Team, Payload Team, and as the Observation Campaign Coordinator for NASA’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission to study the permanently shadowed regions of the lunar poles.

WHEN:Tuesday, June 15, 2010. 9:00 AM Pacific, 16:00 GMT



Please RSVP to Delia Santiago (Delia.L.Santiago@nasa.gov) if you will be joining by Polycom. Do not connect to the teleconference if you will be joining by Polycom.

To view the slides, connect to http://connect.arc.nasa.gov/nlsi_director_seminars/


The slides for this meeting will be presented using Adobe Connect. To join the meeting, connect to http://connect.arc.nasa.gov/nlsi_director_seminars/

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June 15, 2010
9:00 am PDT
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