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Lunar Swirls Workshop Without Walls

September 7, 2011 @ 8:30 am PDT - 3:00 pm PDT

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Background on Lunar Swirls

New Measurements

Swirls are among the most puzzling features on the surface of the Moon. We are hosting an informal one day Workshop without Walls on lunar swirls using NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) remote communications tools.

Their bright, looping patterns are unlike anything seen in the solar system. The origin of the lunar swirls has been discussed for many years, but a universally accepted explanation for their formation remains elusive.

Current space missions are returning new views of the lunar swirls, at resolutions and wavelengths never before considered. These new data have the potential to provide tremendous new insights into swirl formation. We are therefore hosting an informal one day Workshop without Walls on lunar swirls using NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) remote communications tools. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss recent advances in the study of lunar swirls. There will be invited and submitted talks, as well as time for informal discussions. The schedule will be as follows:

Speaker Topic Time (PDT)

Background on Lunar Swirls

C. Neish/B. Farrell Welcome and Logistics 8:30am (11:30 EDT)
C. Pieters The enigmatic lunar swirls 8:45am (11:45 EDT)
I. Garrick-Bethell The dust levitation model 9:00am (12:00 EDT)
P. Pinet The impact model 9:15am (12:15 EDT)
E. Harnett The solar shielding model 9:30am (12:30 EDT)
P. Pinet/G. Kramer Discussion: Pros and cons of swirl formation models 9:45am (12:45 EDT)
M. Wieczorek Origin of magnetic anomalies 10:00am (13:00 EDT)
J. Halekas The interaction between the solar wind and magnetic anomalies 10:15am (13:15 EDT)
R. Christoffersen Space weathering 10:30am (13:30 EDT)
C. Pieters/S. Besse Discussion: The environment of the swirls 10:45am (13:45 EDT)
BREAK 11:00am (14:00 EDT)

New Measurements

G. Kramer Overview of new spacecraft missions and data integration 11:15am (14:15 EDT)
S. Lawrence LROC Observations 11:30am (14:30 EDT)
S. Besse M^3 Observations 11:45am (14:45 EDT)
T. Glotch Diviner Observations 12:00pm (15:00 EDT)
C. Neish Mini-RF Observations 12:15pm (15:15 EDT)
B. Bussey/C. Neish Discussion: Surface characteristics of lunar swirls 12:30pm (15:30 EDT)
Y. Futaana Observations of magnetic anomalies by SARA 12:45pm (15:45 EDT)
X. Wang Laboratory investigations of the lunar electrical environment 1:00pm (16:00 EDT)
J. Keller Lunar ion transport near magnetic anomalies 1:15pm (16:15 EDT)
Y. Saito MAP-LMAG Observations 1:30pm (16:30 EDT)
H. Shibuya MAP-PACE Observations 1:45pm (16:45 EDT)
J. Haruyama LISM Observations 2:00pm (17:00 EDT)
M. Horanyi/G. Kramer Discussion: Electrical environment of lunar swirls 2:15pm (17:15 EDT)
G. Delory Future Directions: LADEE and beyond 2:30pm (17:30 EDT)
C. Neish/B. Farrell Wrap-up and Conclusions 2:45pm (17:45 EDT)

Participation in this workshop will require only an internet connection, and it will be available to interested scientists from around the world.

Co-conveners : Sebastien Besse, Catherine Neish and Georgiana Kramer.

Scientific organizing committee:

* Bill Farrell, NASA GSFC
* Carle Pieters, Brown University
* Mihaly Horanyi, University of Colorado
* Ben Bussey, JHU/APL
* Greg Schmidt, NLSI
* Brad Bailey, NLSI
* Yvonne Pendleton, NLSI


Please register for this workshop at


Registration will remain open through the end of the workshop.


Presenters for the Lunar Swirls workshop will be connecting through a Video Teleconferencing System for audio/video transmission as well as a computer through Adobe Connect (http://connect.arc.NASA.gov/lsw) for presentation sharing. If a presenter cannot connect through a video teleconferencing system such as Polycom, LifeSize, etc., then a toll free international teleconferencing line will be made available for audio and a webcam through Adobe Connect will be used for video (listed below).

Non-presenters will be able to participate in the workshop by logging in as a “Guest” to http://connect.arc.NASA.gov/lsw. Audio, video and screen sharing will be broadcast out to the viewers. Questions will be asked through the chat window and relayed to the Presenter by a moderator.

Below are the dial in numbers for registered international participants. All countries use the same passcode listed below. If your country is not listed, please contact Ricky Guest at Ricky.Guest@nasa.gov for your specific country dial-in number.

Chile 1230-020-0298
China +86-400-810-4781
France 080-563-6108
India A 000-800-852-1262
India B 000-800-001-6241
Japan 0066-33-132434
Netherlands 0800-020-1433
New Zealand 0800-450-869
Russia 81080029993011
South Korea 00798-14800-7198
Spain 800-300-058
Sweden 0200-884-629
United Kingdom 0808-238-0617
United States 866-692-4538

Participant Passcode: 6744214

For more information about this event, please visit the following URL:



September 7, 2011
8:30 am PDT - 3:00 pm PDT
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