2013 Lunar Science Virtual Forum: Archived Talks

NOTE: All times listed below are in PDT.

Time/Date DAY 1 Tuesday July 16, 2013    
8:30-8:45 Welcome Speakers: Pete Worden, Jim Green, Michael Wargo, and Yvonne Pendleton    
8:45-9:00 Logistics Overview for Virtual Meeting: Greg Schmidt    
9:00-9:30 Welcome Talk: Shoemaker Award      
  SESSION 1A: Missions.  Chair: Greg Schmidt    
9:30-9:50 GRAIL - Overview of Science Results (Invited) - David Smith    
9:50-10:10 ARTEMIS - Summary of New Science at the Moon (Invited) - Jasper Halekas      
10:10-10:30 Recent Highlights from the LRO Extended Mission (Invited) - John Keller      
10:30-10:50 LROC: A Four Year Progress Report (Invited) - Mark Robinson      
10:50-11:10 LRO Diviner Lunar Radiometer Extended Mission Results (Invited) - David Paige      
11:10-11:30 LADEE: Ready for Launch (Invited) - Richard Elphic      
11:30-11:45 Citizen Science and Professional Development (Invited) - Brian Day and Noah Petro      
11:45-12:00 Lightning Round #1: Student Poster Previews      
12:00-12:45 BREAK / POSTER SESSION    
START 12:45 PM SESSIONS 2A & 2B: Human Exploration and Dust / Regolith.   Chair: Yvonne Pendleton    
12:45-1:05 Human Exploration (Invited) - Scientific and Exploration Potential of the Lunar Poles, Ben Bussey      
1:05-1:25 Dust / Regolith (Invited) - Lunar Dust & Regolith: Properties, Processes, and Significance, Rebecca Ghent      
1:25-1:40 Lightning Round #2: Student Poster Previews      
1:40-1:45 Transition to parallel sessions    
  SESSION 2A: Human Exploration.  Chair: Greg Schmidt   SESSION 2B: Dust / Regolith.  Chair: Yvonne Pendleton
1:45-2:00 James Head III, Astronaut Lunar Surface Exploration Destinations: New Technology to Address New and Complex Scientific Problems     Mihaly Horanyi, Expectation for the Lunar Dust Experiment (LDEX) onboard the LADEE Mission  
2:00-2:15 Dan Lester, Putting Telepresence on the Moon     Micah Schaible, Hydrogen Implantation in Lunar Soil: The role of solar wind in OH bond formation on the lunar surface  
2:15-2:30 Margaret Race, Balancing Exploration and Use of Outer Space & Lunar Environments -Addressing The Need for Practical Guidelines     Timothy Stubbs, Lunar Surface Charging and Dust Transport during the Passage of a Coronal Mass Ejection  
2:30-2:45 William Farrell, The Plasma Interaction between Bodies in Close Proximity: Applications to the Asteroid Retrieval Mission (ARM) at Capture and On Orbit at the Moon     Tobin Munsat, Overview of Recent Science Results from the CCLDAS Dust Accelerator  
2:45-3:00 Jerome Johnson, Excavation and Mobility Modeling of Lunar Regolith as part of the NLSI the Scientific Exploration Potential of the Lunar Poles Project – A Final Report     M. Elise Rumpf, Experimental Investigations of Lava-Regolith Heat Transfer  
Time/Date DAY 2 Wednesday July 17, 2013 -- (NOTE: All times listed below are in PDT)    
START 8:30 AM SESSIONS 3A & 3B: Geology (Mineralogy & Petrology) & Volatiles.  Chair: Yvonne Pendleton    
8:30-8:50 Geology: Mineralogy and Petrology Overview (Invited) - Introduction to the Lunar Mineralogy & Petrology, Barbara Cohen      
8:50-9:10 Volatiles (Invited) - Lunar Volatiles: Poles and Beyond, Dana Hurley      
9:10-9:15 Transition to parallel sessions    
  SESSION 3A : Geology (Mineralogy & Petrology).  Chair: Jennifer Heldmann   SESSION 3B: Volatiles.  Chair: Yvonne Pendleton
9:15-9:30 Carle Pieters, The Significance of Mg-Spinel Observed in South Pole-Aitken Basin (SPA)     Andrew Jordan, Molecular hydrogen Formation via the Energetic Charged Particle Radiolysis of Water Ice in the Lunar Regolith  
9:30-9:45 Jennifer Whitten, Determining the Mineralogy of Mare and Cryptomare Basalts: Application of the Modified Gaussian Model (MGM) to Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) Spectra     Richard Miller, Identification of Surface Hydrogen Enhancements Within Shackleton Crater at the Moon’s South Pole  
9:45-10:00 Carlton Allen, Pyroclastic Deposits in the Floor-Fractured Crater Alphonsus     Elliot Sefton-Nash, Thermal Extremes in Permanently Shadowed Regions at the Lunar South Pole  
10:00-10:15 James Ashley, Morphology and Spectroscopy of the Lassell Massif – Evidence for Non-mare Volcanism in Mare Nubium   Raul Baragiola, Is There Lunar Water Outside Cold Traps?
10:15-10:30 Gerald Patterson, Bistatic Observations of the Moon using the Arecibo Observatory and Mini-RF on LRO     Andrew Collette, Experimental Study of Vapor Released in Micrometeoroid Bombardment  
10:30-10:45 Tabb Prissel, Mg-­Suite Extrusives? Reevaluating the Ascent and Emplacement of Low-­ Density Primitive Melts into the Lunar Crust     Vincent Eke, How Well Do We Know the Polar Hydrogen Distribution on the Moon?  
10:45-11:00 Jeff Plescia, Small Volcanic Shields of Mare Tranquillitatis     Friedemann Freund, Two Kinds of "Water" on the Moon  
11:00-11:15 Allan Treiman, A Piece of the Lunar Volatile Cycle: Impact-induced Metasomatism of Lunar Granulite 79215     Rosemary Killen, Constraints on Water and Oxygen-bearing Compounds in the Lunar Exosphere  
11:15-11:30 Deepak Dhingra, Mineralogy of Impact Melt at Giordano Bruno – Systematics and Peculiarities     Shuai Li, Evidence for Increased Water Content in Pyroclastic Deposits from Moon Mineralogy Mapper Data  
11:30-11:45 Timothy Glotch, Enhanced Compositional Analysis of the Moon using Diviner's Long Wavelength Channels     Michael Poston, Thermal Stability of Adsorbed Water Molecules on Lunar Soils  
11:45-12:00 Ryan Clegg, Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex: Thorium and Photometric Anomalies Reflect Silicic Composition     Opn Calla, Search of Water Ice on Hermite Crater using Microwave and Optical Sensor  
START 12:45 PM SESSIONS 4A & 4B: Geology (Age Dating) & Exospheres.  Chair: Brad Bailey    
12:45-1:05 Geology: Age Dating Overview (Invited) - Unravelling the Temporal History of the Moon, Katie Joy      
1:05-1:25 Exospheres (Invited) -The Lunar Exosphere: Past, Present, and Future, Greg Delory      
1:25-1:40 Lightning Round #3: Student Poster Previews      
1:40-1:45 Transition to parallel sessions    
  SESSION 4A: Geology (Age Dating).  Chair: Brad Bailey   PLENARY SESSION 4B: Exospheres.  Chair: Jennifer Heldmann
1:45-2:00 William Bottke, On The Formation Age of South-Pole Aitken Basin     David Glenar, Upper Limits for a Lunar Dust Exosphere from Measurements by LRO LAMP  
2:00-2:15 Simone Marchi, On the Lunar Small Impactor Populations over the Last 3 Ga    Jason McLain, Laboratory Investigations of Energetic Neutral Atom Backscattering from Apollo Era Lunar Grains  
2:15-2:30 Jean-Pierre Williams, Dating Young Impact Craters on the Moon     Andrew Poppe, The Self-sputtering Contribution to the Lunar Exosphere  
2:30-2:45 Stuart Robbins, The Variability of Crater Identification among Expert Crater Analysts     Menelaos Sarantos, Contributions of Volatiles to the Lunar Exo-ionosphere using ARTEMIS Data  
2:45-3:00 Amy Fagan, Trapped Ar-40/Ar-36 Closure Ages of Lunar Regolith Breccias: 3.9 Ga to Present     Valeriy Tenishev, Kinetic Modeling of Sodium in the Lunar Exosphere  
Time/Date DAY 3 Thursday July 18, 2013 -- (NOTE: All times listed below are in PDT)    
  SESSIONS 5A & 5B: Geology (Impacts) & Astro and Heliophysics.  Chair:  Greg Schmidt    
8:45-9:05 Geology: Impacts & Geophysics Overview (Invited) - In a Lunar Classroom – Lessons to be Learned about Impact Cratering and the Collisional Evolution of the Solar System, David Kring      
9:05-9:25 Astrophysics & Heliophysics Overview (Invited) - Astrophysics & Heliophysics Supporting Science & Exploration, Justin Kasper      
9:25-9:30 Transition    
9:30-10:00 NASA Town Hall Speakers: Bill Gerstenmaier and John Grunsfeld      
  SESSION 5A: Geology (Impacts).  Chair: Brad Bailey   SESSION 5B: Astrophysics and Heliophysics.  Chair: Greg Schmidt
10:00-10:15 Prasun Mahanti, A Simple Bayesian Network Example for Understanding Depth-Diameter-Age Relations     Jack Burns, Lighting Up the Early Universe: Testing the Deployment of Radio Antennas During an Earth-Moon L2/Farside Mission Using ISS Surface Robotics  
10:15-10:30 Shane Thompson, New Lunar Impacts During LRO     Steven Furlanetto, Toward Robust Predictions of the Early Spin-Flip Background  
10:30-10:45 Ross Potter, Modeling the Attenuation of Structural Uplift Beneath Large Lunar Craters     Abhirup Datta, The Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE) from the Moon: An Update on the Instrument Verification Program
10:45-11:00 Lauren Jozwiak, Lunar Floor-Fractured Craters: Predictions of Gravity Anomalies and Observations from GRAIL     Geraint Harker, Watching the Cosmic Dawn from the Moon: How and Why  
11:00-11:15 Danielle Moser (on behalf of Robert Suggs), Large Meteoroid Impact on Moon on 17 March 2013     Jordan Mirocha, Constraining the Universe's First Stars and Super-Massive Black Holes with 21-cm Observations from the Lunar Farside
11:15-11:30 William Vaughan, Impact Melt Differentiation in the South Pole-Aitken Basin     Joseph Lazio, Probing the Dark Ages and Cosmic Dawn - A Roadmap for NASA Astrophysics  
11:30-11:45 Debra Hurwitz, Differentiation of the South Pole – Aitken Basin Impact Melt Sheet     Greg Taylor, The Long Wavelength Array Radio Observatory  
11:45-12:00 Reinhold Povilaitis, Comparison of Large and Mid-size Lunar Crater Distributions     Robert MacDowall, Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) Alerts based on Solar Type III Bursts and High Energy Electrons  
12:00-12:15 Steven Koeber, LROC: Seeing into the Dark     Xu Wang, Laboratory Studies of Plasma Environment near Lunar Magnetic Anomalies  
12:15-12:30 Luis Teodoro, A One Hundred Million SPH Particle Simulation of the Moon Forming Impact     Douglas Currie, Next Generation Retroreflector: Status and Thermal Analysis of LLRRA-21 and Apollo Arrays  
START 1:00 PM SESSION 6A: Geology & Geophysics.  Chair: Yvonne Pendleton   SESSION 6B: Future Prospects  Chair: Greg Schmidt
1:00-1:15 Julien Salmon, Modeling the Accretion of the Moon: Longer Timescales and Implications for the Moon's Initial Thermal State     Future Prospects Overview (Invited) - Lunar Volatiles: The Next Steps in their Characterization and Use, Paul Spudis  
1:15-1:30 Robert Grimm, Brecciated Crust Insulates the Lunar Mantle: Constraints from Gravity and Electrical Conductivity    
1:30-1:45 Matt Siegler, Regional Reanalysis of the Apollo Heat Flow Experiment     Anthony Colaprete, Resource Prospector: A Lunar Volatiles Prospecting and ISRU Demonstration Mission  
1:45-2:00 Clement Suavet, Persistence and Origin of theLlunar Dynamo     P.E. Clark, LWaDi: Lunar Water Distribution via LunarCube  
2:00-2:15 Joshua Cahill, Mini-RF's Global Observations of the Moon     Kris Zacny, Lunar Water Extraction and Processing System  
2:15-2:30 Student Poster Awards     Student Poster Awards  
2:30-2:50 Final Closing Talk- The Importance of Continued Lunar Exploration, James Head III & Carle Pieters     Final Closing Talk- The Importance of Continued Lunar Exploration, James Head III & Carle Pieters  
2:50-3:00 Closing Remarks     Closing Remarks