The Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) Central Office operates out of NASA Ames Research Center, supporting SSERVI teams and international partners, as well as the lunar and planetary science community at large.

SSERVI Central supports its selected domestic teams in several ways, including administering the funds for these competitively selected teams. As a virtual institute, the SSERVI Central Office brings unique skills and collaborative technologies to its teams, as well as training, for enhancing collaborative research between geographically disparate teams. SSERVI Central convenes the Executive Council of the organization, which guides the Institute’s activities, particularly in regard to the science and exploration community as a whole and in response to NASA’s needs.

International partnerships are fostered by the SSERVI via development and finalization of formal partnerships. The Central Office manages the creation of these partnerships and facilitates collaborations between partners and the rest of the SSERVI community. Additionally, SSERVI Central leads international lunar science meetings and participates in international community endeavors.

SSERVI Central also interfaces with lunar and small bodies science and exploration programmatic elements by providing leadership for community input to surveys such as the Planetary Decadal, working with the Lunar Exploration & Analysis Group (LEAG), Small Bodies Analysis Group (SBAG), and the science and exploration community, and by serving as an interface between the commercial space sector and the science community, including NASA. SSERVI also hosts an array of focus groups and seminars. The Director’s Seminar Series and the Lunar Commerce Seminar Series are archived online and available to anyone.

In addition to supporting the general science community, SSERVI Central provides a core for the SSERVI teams’ public engagement goals, supporting both the teams’ efforts and broader lunar and small bodies-themed collaborations such as Moon Zoo and International Observe the Moon Night. SSERVI Central also is a source and repository for our community’s education materials, which are available to anyone. For higher education, SSERVI Central provides funding for undergraduate internships and runs a competitive post-doctoral program that places young researchers in SSERVI’s teams.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute teams or Central Office, please contact one of our staff members.

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