Polar Regolith

Workshop Without Walls

December 3, 2015
11:00am - 5:00pm EST


About the Workshop

NASA's Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) exists to integrate solar system science with the exploration needs of the human spaceflight program to explore space beyond low-Earth orbit. Those efforts may involve measurements that address strategic knowledge gaps, the development of mission concepts, and the identification of space resources that enhance exploration activities.

A specific request for assistance has emerged from HEOMD that addresses plans to evaluate, and potentially exploit, ices and other volatile elements in the polar regions of the Moon.

With that purpose in mind, SSERVI is organizing a 1-day virtual workshop that will bring together our current body of knowledge of the regolith properties in Permanently Shadowed Regions (PSRs) that might affect the trafficability of robotic rovers, such as NASA's Resource Prospector mission. A few keynote presentations will help frame the issues involved and summarize recent published results with contributed presentations and discussion periods rounding out the program.

We would like to invite the science and exploration communities to submit titles and 1-paragraph abstracts so that we capture all of the regolith properties that may affect rovers that operate in these permanently shadowed regions. Please submit your abstract (including title) via email to brad.bailey@nasa.gov. On the subject line have the words "Polar Regolith Workshop Abstract".

If there are any questions about the workshop's scientific and exploration program/goals, please contact the science organizing committee chair, Dr. David Kring (kring@lpi.usra.edu). For all other questions, including scheduling or connection issues, please contact Brad Bailey (Brad.Bailey@nasa.gov).

The workshop is a virtual workshop, so no travel is required. Speakers and the rest of the community can participate using SSERVI's AdobeConnect meeting services (connection information listed below).

Abstracts are no longer being accepted.

The Workshop will run from 11a - 5p EST on December 3, 2015.


All times are in PST.


How to join the live-stream

This workshop will be streamed live via Adobe Connect. We have put together the following quick-start guide to help you join the workshop. Additionally, we recommend taking a moment and running the Adobe Connect System Test which will make sure you have the requirements to join an Adobe Connect session.

System Requirements

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