Check out this video on youtube with Buzz Aldrin saying he saw a UFO on Apollo 11.  Who’s fibbing, NASA or the Great American hero, Buzz Aldrin?

The fibbing is being done by the producers of this video.  They left off the second half of th einterview in which Aldrin explained what the astronauts had seen.  And the supposed video of the object that they inserted in the program is not at all like the flat panel that Aldrin was describing.  Needless to say, Buss was angry and asked them to correct this reversal of what he had said, but they refused.  Here is the answer I posted when this video first was aired: I just talked to Buzz Aldrin on the phone, and he notes that the quotations were taken out of contex and did not convey the intended meaning.  After the Apollo crew verified that the object they were seeing was not the SIVB upper stage, which was about 6000 miles away at that time, they concluded that they were probably seeing one of the panels from the separation of the spacecraft from the upper stage.  These panels were not tracked from Earth and were likely much closer to the Apollo spacecraft.  They chose no to discuss this in the open communications channel since they were concerned that theur comments might be misinterpreted (as they are being now).  This discussion about the panel was cut from the broadcast interview, thus giving the impression that the astronauts had seem a UFO.

David Morrison

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August 28, 2007

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Only 12 people have ever walked on the surface of the moon.

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