Have we ever put people back on the Moon since Apollo?  I was just curious if there were plans to ever go back.  Never hear anything about it.

I’m surprised that you have not heard about the NASA plans to return to the Moon by 2020.  You can find lot of Q&A on this topic in the archive of Ask an Astrobiologist past answers.  Here is what I posted two weeks ago: The Apollo Moon program was stopped by the U.S. Congress after the Apollo 17 mission.  NASA’s total budget was cut and the remaining program of human flights was redirected toward the less expensive Apollo-Soyuz join flight with the USSR, the three Skylab missions (the first space station), and eventually the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.  For information on the current NASA plans for human flights to the Moon, see the NASA Vision webpage (http://www.nasa.gov/external/Vision.index.html).

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Did you know?

The largest impact feature on the Moon is not one of the prominent "seas" that face the Earth, but the huge SPA Basin on the farside.

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