Why is it that the government and NASA both continue to ignore the almost certainty of intelligent life throughout all of space?  For man to believe that he is the only intelligent life is naive and ignorant.  Even if all reports of UFOs and extra-terrestrial contact are false, it sill does not make logical sense to believe that man is alone.  After reading this short argument, which you have almost undoubtedly read or even pondered yourself, is there not the distinct possibility and probability of life?

I don’t know who you are complaining about the government and NASA.  I have never heard the sort of denial you refer to.  Of course there is a possibility and indeed a probability of life, including intelligent life.  So far we see no evidence of it, but that doesn’t keep people from looking.  Perhaps what is confusing you is the concept of “belief” in intelligent life.  Science is not a matter of belief, but of evidence.  In everyday life all people hold “beliefs”, but this is not a good word to apply to our scientific understanding of nature.

David Morrison

NLSI Interim Director

February 6, 2007

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Did you know?

The moon is not round, but slightly egg shaped with the large end pointed towards earth.

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