The LPI-JSC Center for Lunar Science and Exploration (CLSE) is looking for volunteers to advise a team of high school students participating in our 2014-2015 Exploration of the Moon and Asteroids by Secondary Students (ExMASS) program. ExMASS is part of CLSE’s E/PO efforts with the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI). Working alongside their teachers and an advisor, students undertake authentic, open-inquiry research projects that engage them in the process of science and support the science goals of SSERVI. Advisor time commitment varies; in the past, advisors reported spending 1-3 hours a week communicating with their team.

Mentor_Advisor Role Venn Diagram
The graphic above outlines the expected roles of a team’s advisor compared to the expected role of the team’s teacher (mentor).

If you are interested in being an advisor, or would like more information, please email Andy Shaner or call him at 281-486-2163 by September 12, 2014. Advisors will be placed with teams by September 30th. The 2014-2015 program begins September 2nd and concludes in April 2015.

More information:
Exploration of the Moon and Asteroids by Secondary Students (ExMASS)
LPI-JSC Center for Lunar Science and Exploration

Posted by: Soderman/SSERVI Staff
Source: SSERVI Team

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