Based on the landing video from the Chang’e 5 spacecraft, NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Project Scientist Noah Petro has made a preliminary estimate of the landing site’s location as being 43.05772 N, 51.91613 W.

The site is visualized here in this pair of views from NASA’s Moon Trek portal.

CE5 Wide View
In this wide field view, the site can be seen relative to the elliptical, hummocky mound of the Mons Rümker volcanic complex seen in the lower left and the small bright volcanic cone of Mairan T seen below and to the right of the landing site. Credit: NASA/Moon Trek.

CE5 Close View
In this closer view, the site’s proximity to the sinuous rille Rima Sharp can be seen. Credit: NASA/Moon Trek.

posted by: Soderman/SSERVI Staff
Source: Brian Day/NASA’s Moon Trek portal

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The distance to the Moon is measured to a precision of a few centimeters by bouncing laser beams off reflectors placed there by the Apollo astronauts.

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