One way to inspire an interest in space is through art. NASA, DLR, and USRA-LPI have teamed up to host the second international Humans in Space Youth Art Competition.

The international Humans in Space Youth Art Competition encourages youth to “Be Inspired, Creative and Heard.” We ask them to think about the future of human space flight and to creatively communicate their ideas, and we promise to make these ideas viewable worldwide. By including the next generation in the planning of the future, the competition aims to enhance their awareness, interest in and support for human space flight, and to allow their ideas to begin shaping the future now.

The current 2012 competition invites young people from 10 to18 years of age to submit visual, literary, musical and video artwork expressing their vision of how humans will use science and technology in the future to explore space and uncover its mysteries. Their submissions will be judged by an international panel including artists, scientists, teachers, engineers, astronauts and others. The winning artwork will be woven into displays and performances designed to relay the youth artists’ messages to other young people and adults around the world.

If you are 10–18 years old (born on or after September 1, 1993), you can participate in this art competition. Create your musical, literary, visual or video artwork and submit it by midnight U.S. Central Standard Time, October 21, 2012.

Competition winners will receive awards and have their art displayed and performed worldwide and viewed by scientists, astronauts, engineers, artists, and the public. Major events include the 19th International Academy of Astronautics’ Humans in Space Symposium in Cologne, Germany, July 2013 and locations across the United States associated with NASA’s “50 Years of Solar System Exploration” Celebration from August 2013-August 2014. Artwork will also be continuously displayed in our online gallery.

More information can be found by clicking here.

Posted by: A. Nejad/NLSI Staff

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