LRO/LCROSS 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago today the LCROSS and LRO missions launched together aboard an Atlas V 401 from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral. It was an incredible moment. LCROSS went on to spectacular success, excavating and characterizing ice near the South Pole of the Moon. LRO, continues to orbit the Moon and revolutionize our understanding of our neighbor in space. Many thanks to the very many brilliant, dedicated colleagues on the LCROSS and LRO missions. This amazing launch ten years ago was a critical step in our sustained return of humans to the Moon.

LRO and LCROSS Launch Stack ready for launch. Photo Credit: Brian Day

Awaiting count down to launch! Photo Credit: Brian Day

The Space Shuttle sitting on a nearby pad was a nice decoration. Photo Credit: Brian Day

Launch was a seminal experience sitting in the VIP viewing section at Kennedy Space Center as the rocket went thundering into the sky. Photo Credit: Brian Day

Read more about LRO in NASA’s 10 year anniversary post.

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