NASA’s Exploration of the Moon and Asteroids by Secondary Students (ExMASS) program selects participants for 2016-2017.

The ExMASS program is managed by the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration (CLSE), one of nine SSERVI teams. It is an academic year-long, national standards-based lunar/asteroid research program that envelops students in the process of science. Working alongside their teachers and a scientist advisor, students undertake authentic, open-inquiry research projects that engage them in the process of science. At the end of the year, student research is reviewed by a panel of scientists.

The top four teams present their research to a panel of scientists, competing for a chance to present their work at the next Exploration Science Forum held annually in July at the NASA Ames Research Center (located in California’s Silicon Valley).

This year the following schools were selected to participate:

Academy High School, Little River Academy, TX
Broadwater Academy, Exmore, VA
Clinton High School, Clinton, OK
Commack High School, Commack, NY
Crocker High School, Crocker, MO
Lincolnton High School, Lincolnton, NC
South High School, Minneapolis, MN
South Sevier High School, Monroe, UT
Ukiah High School, Ukiah, OR
Walthill Public School, Walthill, NE


For more information about the ExMASS program, visit For questions, please visit the ExMASS FAQ page or contact Andy Shaner.

Posted by: Soderman/SSERVI Staff
Source: SSERVI Team

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