Dear Exploration Science Community,

Due to the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation and the uncertainly related to the availability of the University of Colorado, Boulder and potential travel restrictions, SSERVI has decided to make this year’s NASA Exploration Science Forum (NESF) an all-virtual meeting. We look forward very much to creating an opportunity for the community to come together in this challenging time, and we are keen to do this using the best available technology and approaches.

The NESF will still be held July 8-10, 2020, and we encourage you to submit your abstracts at this year’s NESF webpage: Although the current abstract due date is April 1, we will be extending this as much as possible to allow sufficient time to prepare and submit your abstracts.

Our very best wishes to you, your families and our community. We’ll get through this together.

Warm regards,

Greg Schmidt
Director, SSERVI

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