SSERVI-Sponsored ‘Carbon in the Solar System’ DPS Panel Discussion now online!

Next workshop at AGU, Special Session P13A Monday Dec 10, 1:40 – 3:40PM

What was the initial composition of our solar nebula and how have processes experienced by planetesimals and larger bodies led to the carbon observed in the Solar System today? SSERVI workshops on these topics aim to stimulate collaborative research on the origin and evolution of organics and volatiles in our Solar System by joining together laboratory, observational, and theoretical modeling researchers.

SSERVI TREX team Principal Investigator, Amanda Hendrix, and Deputy PI Faith Vilas, have organized three workshops on Carbon in the Solar System. The next one occurs at the AGU meeting, and we welcome your participation. Add your name to our mailing list for future activities by contacting SSERVI Chief Scientist, Yvonne Pendleton (

AGU session topics: interstellar/solar nebula organics, asteroids, Mars and Mercury with panel discussion on inter-comparisons relevant to the origin and evolution of carbon.

1. AGU meeting P13A: Monday Dec 10, 1:40 – 3:40PM “Carbon Across the Solar System” panel discussion:
2. Carbon Workshop Presentations (virtual, April 2018):
3. Carbon Panel Discussion Presentations (held in-person at DPS, October 2018):

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