The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal is a record of the lunar surface operations conducted by the six pairs of astronauts who landed on the Moon from 1969 through 1972. The Journal is edited by Eric M. Jones and Ken Glover and is intended as a resource for anyone wanting to know what happened during the missions and why. It includes a corrected transcript of all recorded conversations between the lunar surface crews and Houston. The Journal also contains extensive, interwoven commentary by the Editor and by ten of the twelve moonwalking astronauts.

The Journal was inspired by the work of New Zealand historian J.C. Beaglehole, the 20th Century’s foremost authority on the European exploration of the Pacific and, particularly, on the voyages of Captain James Cook. It contains all of the text for the six successful landing missions as well as many photos, maps, equipment drawings, background documents, voice tracks, and video clips which helps make the lunar experience more accessible and understandable.

The Journal is, in Neil Armstrong’s words, a “living document”. The Journal Update File details recent additions, changes and corrections, and the editors welcome E-mail messages concerning typos, factual errors, or general comments.

Regular journal readers would be best to view the journal using a current version of one of the commonly used Web browsers – such as Firefox – as the journal makes use of some of the newer multimedia features. A current version of QuickTime or its equivalent is needed to play the video clips; and Real Media Player can be used to stream audio and video clips. In some circumstances, multimedia files which may not open with a reader’s default software can be opened and played with VLC (VideoLAN Client). Free downloads are available for all these players.

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Note: The corrected transcript, commentary, and other text incorporated in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal is protected by copyright. Individuals may make copies for personal use; but unauthorized production of copies for sale is prohibited. Unauthorized commercial use of copyright-protected material from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal is prohibited; and the commercial use of the name or likeness of any of the astronauts without his express permission is prohibited. The United States Government retains a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to publish or reproduce the published form of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, or to allow others to do so, for U.S. Government purposes.

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Source: The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

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On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the Moon.

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